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Question: Why should I use the same batch of paint on the same job?
Answer: This will reduce the risk of batch to batch shade variances as the paint will be made at the same time.

Question: Why should I quote the batch number if I do happen to need an unforeseen quantity of paint of the same colour?
Answer: We will use the retained sample of the original paint as the "control" to use for reference, this should reduce the risk of different colours.

Question: Why should I check colour and sheen before use?
Answer: Mistakes happen when ordering, recording/processing, checking the colour and sheen avoids further work down the line. If you have any doubt, check, as we cannot accept any liability of colour discrepancy, after use.

Question: Why should I stir thoroughly before use?
Answer: Pigments and matting agents can settle over time and all paint should be thoroughly mixed before use, stirring up and down as well as round and around. This includes clears!

Question: Why should I not coat under temperature of 10ºC?
Answer: The drying times will be longer and may even prevent curing until such time as the temperature rises again.
Condensation has also become an issue if painting over a substrate which is not dry.

Question: What should I expect if I put heavy coats of paint onto the substrate?
Answer: The drying times will increase and the gloss level will get higher/glossier. Some products are designed for application in this manor, however some products may experience solvent entrapment and subsequently a crazing effect will appear.

Question: What does "pot-life" mean?
Answer: When mixing a two component (2-pack) the term "pot-life” refers to the amount of time you have to apply the coatings before failures in application could be expected.

Question: Where do I find information on your products, technical and MSDS sheets?
Answer: Please click here to view our datasheets

Question: Can you match a colour from a photo or image on a computer screen?
Answer: Not accurately as printing constraints cannot replicate the exact colour, likewise an image on a computer screen will not accurately represent the image of what you have captured.

Question: What is the best sample to send in to match to?
Answer: Ideally a wet sample and a coated and cured flat panel of approx 4 inches by 6 inches.

Question: If I take a sample to your facility in Andover can I wait for a colour match?
Answer: You can, but you may be waiting for a long time! You should allow 48 hours for a colour match.

Question: How do I dispose of any unwanted paint?
Answer: If you are a private individual and the amount of paint you are disposing of is small you may be able to visit you local recycling facility. Different councils have different regulations so always check first. If you are a business feel free to call us and we will advise you of local waste companies that can remove your waste safety and legally.

Question: How do I keep up to date with any product and press releases from HMG?
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