• Steriguard 5lt (concentrate)

Bactericidal and germicidal cleaner

Highly effective disinfecting action

Pleasantly perfumed

Economical to use

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Steri-Guard Multi-Purpose Sanitiser is a blend of highly efficient bactericide, fungicide and cleaning agents, designed to boost germicidal action and cleaning power for all hard surfaces.
Steri-Guard Multi-Purpose Sanitiser is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting of floors, walls, paintwork, particularly in locations where a disinfecting cleaning action is required, e.g. medical establishments, washrooms, toilet areas.
Contains a pleasant perfume, which leaves surfaces smelling fresh and clean.
Steri-Guard Multi-Purpose Sanitiser is a QAP Grade 100 disinfectant fluid12759

Instructions for Use:

For maximum disinfection, allow to stand for a few minutes before wiping, mopping or scrubbing clean.

Recommended dilutions rates:

For routine cleaning: 1 part - Steri-Guard Multi-Purpose Sanitiser to 60 parts water.

Washroom / Toilet areas: 1 part - Steri-Guard Multi-Purpose Sanitiser to 40 parts water

Areas of high risk of infection: 1 part - Steri-Guard Multi-Purpose Sanitiser to 20 parts water

Drains and lavatories: Use neat

Do not mix with other cleaning products, detergents, disinfectants, bleach etc.

Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from frost. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Steriguard 5lt (concentrate)

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